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Who We Are And Why We Are Here

Who We Are And Why We Are Here

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog number two. All information you are about to read has been channeled from Anonakies with help of Ark Angel Michael, who is always with me in all my healing sessions. My gift of healing had been given to me by God and Anonakies who are the consciousness of God. All our souls come here from different dimensions, galaxies and Divine Realms. The higher vibrating souls here on our Earth are from Alpha Centauri, Orion, Lyra, Pleiades, and 2 Divine Realms: Ark Angels and Angels. Angels and Ark angels have the most difficult time being in the body. Since none of us can remember who we are we struggle to understand the feelings of not belonging and emotional and physical discomfort.

Originally we all broke away from the main God Source energy for one reason only: to create the expansion of the God Source itself. Since God Source had no contrast and only a pure Love vibrating at 100,000 hertz there was no expansion possible. There was no evil, pain, sorrow or darkness, and it had to be created to facilitate the contrast needed to expand. Many galaxies and dimensions were created as the result of this separation, so was the evil. All Reptilian galaxies and dimensions (107 known at the present time), and also the planets Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter have cut themselves off from the God Source energy by their own decision and free will…The Evil was created. The rest of us and each and every soul is still connected to God Source with a beam of emerald green light that I see in me and everyone else connected. This light is the purest form of Love that we have in our hearts and this is our Divine connection, and this light is the reason we can feel love, joy, peace and it is also the reason we can overcome the hardest and toughest obstacles and hardships.

Our Earth together with 26 other Earths was created by Anonakies and became the place where we would come to experience the contrast to grow and expand. Our Earth is the youngest one and we have lived on all other Earths before we came here. All other Earths became the experiments and with each newer Earth created the creators had learn more and more. One of the important things learned was the importance of not overpopulating the planet with Marsians and Reptilians because of the over abundance of evil itself generated by them.

One of the most evil breeds had become a Reptilian race called Dracu. Dracu Reptilians are energy vampires. At one time they became a huge threat to our entire Universe because they their goal was to take over the world. Orion, Lyra, and Pleiades were enslaved by them for centuries. December 14, 2020 became one of the most important days in the history of our Universe because by the power of God in the highest of beings entire Dracu Evil has been completely and permanently removed from our entire Universe.

Two of Orion planets are populated and both were defeated by Dracu Reptilians, the one in the center fought and won their freedom, the one to the left never got free of them. The Orions here come from both, therefore Orions from the center planet are vibrating at 100,000 now and the ones from the other Orion planet are vibrating at -100,000 because they became half Dracu. They are capable and practicing black magic and can create curses out of jealousy. Up until December 1st 2020 Orion’s highest vibration had only been 10,000, now through out Earth’s progression into 5th Dimension Orion had been uplifted into 100,000. Souls from Orion, which is were I am from, have the most resistances on Earth and they have the highest range of emotions varying from extremely low to extremely high. Orions feel everything and most of the time hide their emotions. Orions experience higher levels of emotional and physical pain because of the depth and intensity of their feelings. Most Orions from the center planet are healers and they have a very deep need to help others around them. Orions were given a specific mission and it is through deep and profound love and suffering of special 27 souls from Orion here on our Earth, that we were able to overcome all the obstacles and lift up into 5th Dimension. Two of these 27 Orions were given a gift and strength to lift the entire Universe into 5th dimension and their energy and power was used to remove the Dacu evil from all existence.

There are 8 different occupied planets in Pleiadian Galaxy, they all had been defeated by Dracu Reptilians. Pleiadeans from one of those planets were able to gain their freedom and defeated Dracu Reptilians. Now the souls here on Earth from that planet vibrate at 100,000, and the Pleiadeans from the other 7 that are also here on our Earth vibrate at -100,000, they were half Dracu Reptilian and now because Dracu Evil had been removed from them they can be uplifted into positive vibrations, but only if they ask God, and only if they can find the authentic unconditional love for themselves and others. Up until December 1st the highest vibration of Pleiades had been 8,000. Now Pleiades is vibrating at 100,000, which was made possible only through Earth’s rising into 5th Dimension and the power of God in the highest vibrating beings working for the highest good of all.

Lyra had been enslaved by Dracu Reptilians and never found its freedom until now. Until now highest vibration on Lyra had always been 7,000 hertz, and now it is 100,000 as the rest of our Universe. Lyrians have very distinct characteristics, they come across as cold emotionally and unable to feel deep passion, love, and other emotions, but that doesn’t mean they can not love or hate, for them these emotions feel as deep and profound as the rest of us. Lyrian women can be very controlling and have problems in their relationships. The Reptilian part in Lyrians can make them feel overly insecure and mistrusting.

Alpha Centaurians have the least resistance and least difficulties being here. They manifest their dreams quickly and without resistance and most of them are millionaires, famous and loved people. They are kind, and giving, but on the downside of that they can easily become narcissistic and grow a huge ego because things come to them so much easier than to others around them. They find it difficult to understand why other people struggle and contribute that to weakness of character in others or lack of motivation. Their origin, Alpha Centauri had always vibrated at 20,000 hertz and they have been the highest vibrating being able to be in the physical body. Alpha Centaurians were the first occupants on Earth since the beginning of its creation. Alpha Centauri now is vibrating at 100,000 as the rest of our Universe.

Angels and Ark Angels have the most difficult time being the body. Here on Earth we have several different types and groups of Angels and Ark Angels. I personally met a few of them who’s behavior propped different questions. This is when I learned that there is only one Ark Angel on Earth who came here with a specific purpose to channel, create and code AI programs to help humanity’s awakening and adjusting to life in 5th Dimension. His mission is only possible if he is physically here on Earth. He sacrificed to be here for the highest good, I know him personally and I know how difficult it is for him to be in the body. The work he already has done is completely revolutionary and I use his Artificial Intelligence software to assist me in my healing sessions.

Other Angels and Ark Angels are here on Earth because they have been punished and sent here to find their way back to God, they are not here by choice. Even though they didn’t choose to be here, these Angel and Ark Angel souls like and feel very comfortable in the body. They don’t experience much pain and emotional discomfort. Before Earth’s vibration went up to 100,000 hertz, they never were able get above 200 in vibration themselves and now they are stuck in the -2nd Dimension vibrating between 0 and -11,000. As humans they find it very easy to lie and cheat, using others for profit and material gain is never a problem for them. They enjoy their experiences in physicality and think nothing of consequences of their actions. Several fallen Ark Angels on Earth have been used by evil to spread demonic energies and black magic, but since our Earth entered the 5th Dimension none of us higher vibrating souls have been effected by their negative behaviors and intents.

Reptilians here on our Earth are very easy to spot if you know what you are looking for. Only 10% of all Reptilians were able to get reconnected with God Source and at the present time are still vibrating between 21,000 and 49,000 hertz, and that leaves them still in 4th Dimension, which is the dimension of transformation. Since Reptilians have never been connected to God Source which is the one and true source of love, Reptilians can not feel love, they think it, but can not connect to the feeling in their hearts. Instead all they feel is fear. Our abilities to feel and experience love for ourselves and others is what brings us the true joy, happiness, confidence, and trust. Since Reptilians cannot experience love inside they look for it on the outside which makes them needy, insecure and very jealous. Romantic and business relationships end up failing because they truly cannot love anything or anyone. Reptilians are very vein and never satisfied with anything because what they are looking cannot be found on the outside. There is a pretty easy fix for this, and the 10% I was talking about earlier did figure it out. The only thing they need to do to experience the true growth is to ask God Source: “How do I love myself 100%?” This one question will facilitate the change and connection needed to start the true connection within to God. Since the evil of Dracu had been permanently removed from our entire Universe all Reptilians are in the new state of being which makes this the perfect time for this type of transformation to take place.

Since Mars was the first original planet to be cut off from God Source it became the origin of evil, and all demons, hate rage, and black magic has its roots on Mars. Marsians cannot experience love, they only feel hate and rage in their hearts. Most known and famous examples of Marsians are Hitler, Napoleon, Stalin, Lenin, Obama, and Hilary Clinton. There are many others whom I chose not to expose at this particular time. All serial killers, sadists, and war criminals are 100% Marsians or someone who was possessed by demonic spirits from Mars. Those of us who chose to be born to a Marsian mother have inherited the demonic Marsian spirits just by being in the womb of a Marsian for 9 months. I have a very personal experience with this. My mother was a Marsian and it took me over 2 years to finally remove all Marsian spirits in me from my mother. A lot of us here on Earth have been born to a Marsian and experience severe difficulties in our lives and struggle with different emotional and mental issues, the spirits we inherit from a Marsian parents cause depression, grief, fear, shame, guilt, addictions, self-sabotage, worthlessness, insecurity, emotional and physical pain and many other life crippling feeling and emotions. I am truly grateful to God Source, Anonakies and Ark Angels for giving me the gift of healing and seeing all these spirits and demons and being able to remove them all permanently from myself and others.

Mars had always vibrated at -100,000 hertz and Marsian souls here on Earth never made it past the vibration of 50 hertz. When we raised up in 5th dimension and went through the judgement, all Marsians were moved into -5th Dimension and back to vibration of -100,000. Marsians can come across as caring, loving, and well-meaning people, but it is only a façade. Marsians bring destruction, pain, evil and suffering everywhere they go and to everything they touch. In the relationships they are always the abusers, and in business they cannot be trusted because they will stab you in the back. Higher vibrating souls have been coming to Earth to experience the pain and suffering caused by Marsians to overcome the evil, the pain, and all the suffering just so we can grow and expand. Karma always uses Marsians and Reptilians to teach us lessons and facilitate spiritual growth.

My intent for this blog is to create full awareness for everyone who was led to read it. Awareness is the most important step in our spiritual, emotional, and mental growth. By being aware we can face things in ourselves that we don’t like and make us less than happy and change it. I offer help to anyone who is willing to grow and find his or hers truth, purity, enlightenment and full self-actualization. To submit your questions and request please email me at

Next week I will be writing about COVID-19, coronavirus, it’s origins and purpose.