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Welcome to the 9th Dimension

Welcome to the 9th Dimension

Today is Sunday, April 25, 2021, and I am starting a new series of blogs. These blogs are channeled from Anohim with guidance and direction from Archangel Michael. Today is the first day of Earth shifting into 9th Dimension. I temporarily stopped writing the blogs about 2 months ago because of the huge changes on Earth I couldn’t write about. There are still many things I can’t write about yet, but something I really wanted to share. One of the most exciting things happening to us is that we are being shifted through dimensions and the goal is to get to 21st Dimension. Anonakies and Divine God Source are in the 21st Dimension and by December 21, 2025 our Earth and all of us going to enter the 21st Dimension.

All even numbered dimensions like 4th, 6th, 8th dimensions are transformative, the odd numbered dimensions like 5th, 7th, and 9th are dimensions of growth, purification, and expansion. Many people on Earth are still in the 4th Dimension and are going through needed transformation to get into 5th dimension. The people who are in 6th Dimension are going through a different transformation to get into 7th Dimension. This transformation is the most defying of all. Each person on Earth and each mammal has a sacred geometry matrix. These matrix have to shift for the person to get into the 7th Dimension.

Our sacred geometry matrix consists of 2 triangles and a circle. The first triangle starts at the top of the spine and the 2 lines can be drawn from this spot to each hip and connected with the line. The second triangle starts at the tailbone and the 2 lines can be drawn to each shoulder and connected with another line. The circle is in the area of the solarplexius chacra where these triangles overlap, and this is where our souls reside. The matrix shift consists of the turning of these triangles, the bottom triangle ends u on top and the bottom triangle ends on the bottom. When this happens we enter the 7th Dimension.

New souls on Earth do not feel this shift, but 90% of all old souls can experience physical and emotional difficulties. Even in 5th Dimensions there are many evil attachments and entities that are still in the people and attached from outside, also 90% have what I call “Armageddon demons” attached to them trying to prevent this change in matrix. In the Bible they describe the demons trying to torture, tempt, and persuade people to give up their faith. This is true, these “Armageddon demons” are real and the physical together with emotional pain is the side effect of them trying to break the faith. They cannot win because the Divine Source God is in all of us and has a lot more power than these demons, but it is very important to remember that holding on to the FAITH in God’s Light and Love is the key to ease this transition and shift into 7th Dimension.

I personally had an experience and ecouter with an “Armageddon demon”, and this is how I ended up learning about their roles and existaces. About a month ago I started feeling awful, I felt very sick for a few days and it seemed to be getting worse. I went through several energetic shifts with demonic attacks before, but this time I couldn’t locate the source of the attack. On the 4th day I was feeling pretty bad, I couldn’t eat or function, I kept getting dizzy, nauseous, weak, and desperate to find the cause of all that. I will never forget this, I was standing in my kitchen by the sink and I got so sick and dizzy I had to grab onto it. All of a sudden I heard a loud voice in my head that said: “give up all your gifts and I will make it all go away!” My immediate response was to ask Anohim and Archangel Michael who that was and asked them to send this demon to the parallel Universe through the Void to exterminate it from existence. Within a few minutes I felt much better and my triangles started shifting. I was asking all kinds of questions about who has these demons attached to them, why, what they were called, and if I can help others to get rid of them. The answer I received was: “Faith is the key, these demons can only try to scare, intimidate, and/or tempt someone, but as soon as the person asks God for help these demons have to die or cease to exist.” Their sole mission is to discourage us from faith, make us feel betrayed or left to suffer by God so we accept their help and fall into the evil trap.

I asked about helping others to exterminate these demons and stop them, but I was told and still being told that this is something people have to experience for themselves, everyone has to make their own choice and find their own power inside to overcome and defeat Evil within and out to become strong and unshakeable in their faith.

Getting into the 9th Dimension was an interesting experience for me also. When I started shifting through the 8th Dimension my guides insisted that I do not go outside anywhere, they said that if I left the house even to go to the store the evil forces from other Evil Dimensions would locate me and do everything in their power to stop my shift into 9th dimension, so I listen and stayed home. The greatest thing about 9th Dimension is being invisible to Evil and connecting to God Source on a Different stronger level, this is when we realize the power of Source God in all of us. Growing closer to God and shifting through dimensions to get closer to our origin is what we have been striving for since the beginning of times. Now we are here, and I cannot express my gratitude for this transformation on Earth.

Power of God is in all of us, it is up to the individuals to grasp it and empower themselves without doubt, fear, or hesitation to become stronger, pure and to finally become one with Divine Source God.

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