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Welcome to the 21st Dimension

Welcome to the 9th Dimension

Today is Sunday, September 26th, 2021 and in the last few months or at least since my last blog we have gone huge changes, and we finally arrived to our destination which is and has always been to get into 21st Dimension. Everything I write in this blog is channeled from my guides, particularly Anohim and Archangel Michael. I myself went through a very hard time this summer, and without guidance, help of my guides and especially my faith I am not sure I would make it. But I did get through it and these experiences made me even stronger, more intuitive and upgraded my healing and psychic abilities to a much higher level.

In the beginning of the summer I had 2 surgeries, the second one was very difficult and I had a hard time not just moving but connecting clear because of the pain and anesthesia side-effects. On top of it I was getting attacked non-stop by entities, demonic beings and other evil because it could sense my weakness. I have 2 very good friends who are also energy healers, we actually know each other from Orion, who helped me and kept me protected. Interestingly enough, the energy we are in right now also helped me heal faster. As of this Morning I am at 100% and very happy to be channeling this blog.

Since my last blog that I wrote on April 25, 2021 and Earth got into 9th Dimension the same six planets that tried sabotage Earth getting into 5th dimension by starting a World War III last November, which I wrote about in my firs blog, have sent so much evil war energy on Earth to prevent us going higher and destroy ourselves, that Anonakies who are God’s consciousness decided to lift us up into 21st Dimension much faster than was originally planned. We started flying up 1 or 2 dimensions per week, and on August 27th, 2021 we got into 21st Dimension and its vibration is up to 1 million now.

From what I was explained, just because the Earth got into the 21st Dimension it doesn’t mean that people on Earth caught up yet. There are still a lot of evil beings in human form on Earth and they are in parallel, but negative dimensions. Many people are still stuck in 4th, 5th, 7th and so on dimensions and still did not wake up. This is the true test for them, and it is not going to be easy because they are scared of the unknown, they have possessions, karma, limiting beliefs, that are holding them back. But Earth being in the 21st Dimension and vibrating at 1 million has already naturally started removing all that from anyone vibrating above 40,000 to lift them up to the awakened state. For many it feels very uncomfortable, it causes upset stomach, headaches, pains in the body especially where there was pain already, it causes extra strong and uncomfortable emotions, anxiety, fears, anger, regret, and mental fog and confusion. But all these things are a healing crisis, even though a person may feel worse its only because everything that is not from God has to come out.

One of the other new things happening on Earth is that our air is changing. We are getting high doses of ozone which heals and removes everything that is not from God. I am sure everyone has noticed how difficult it has been to breathe this summer and it felt almost like we could inhale all the way. Ozone is a form of oxygen and it has been used by holistic doctors to cure cancer and other diseases. By itself it is so strong that you cannot breathe it, but other elements plus the change we are going through is allowing us to get it into our blood where it DOES ITS WORK. We are now breathing it and it is healing our bodies from inside out.

Also we are now actually living in the 5th element, which is God’s element of creation. Our stem cells are coming to life and replacing old and diseased cells which also can cause a healing crisis. We only had 4 elements on Earth: water, fire, earth, and air. Now, in 21st Dimension we truly have the excess to God’s element of healing and creation.

Even though things may seem difficult right now and confusing, this will become very clear soon. Mainly My Guides and Divine God Source are sending us a message of how proud they are of our endurance and strength to get where we got. We are still enduring but it is at its end and a new beginning is right around the corner! Keep the FAITH and LOVE yourselves!

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