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Welcome To 5th Dimension

Welcome To 5th Dimension

I want to start these series of blogs with introducing myself. My name is Nina, I have been given a gift by Anonakies to be able to heal and restore humans to their Divinity. Together with this gift I have an ability to channel from the Divine. Anonakies have been helping our Earth ever since it was created. All the information in these blogs is and will be channeled directly from Anonakies and Ark Angels. I call Ark Angel Michael my go to “person” because no matter what, no matter when, I can ask any question and he always answers.

As of November 1, 2020 our Earth is the first and only planet that made it into vibration of 100,000, vibration of God and Heaven which many of us know as 5th dimension. In Bible 5th Dimension is referred to as Heaven, and if we look at the Bible we will clearly see that we are living in Revelations time.

The highest vibration possible on Earth has always been 1,000 hertz, according to David Hawkins scale (I will be using this scale all throughout my blogs) which is the vibration of Enlightenment, and the lowest vibration has been 20, which is the vibration of shame. Vibration of 200 is the breaking point where everything below 200 always had been negative vibrations, and everything above had always been the positive. 200 is the vibration of courage when a person stops being scared and takes a deep good look at him or herself and choses to accept and face his/hers own demons, negative emotions, and takes a step towards his or hers personal growth. This is when this person starts living instead of surviving and existing day by day, this is when all the major transformations start taking place.

We chose to be here at this monumental time, not just for Earth, but for entire Universe, to witness the change and to upgrade our own vibration to 100,000 together with Earth so we can be as close to God as possible. Before I go any further, I want to explain who we are and why we have been coming to Earth in the first place. Our souls have been coming to Earth from seven different realms/dimensions and galaxies. The higher vibrating souls are here from Alfa Centauri, Orion, Lyra, Pleiades, and Angelic Realm. All of us from these galaxies are strongly connected to God Source with energy cords that go straight to our hearts. We can feel love, connection to God, feelings of joy and peace, especially when we meditate. We choose to come here to experience the contrast to grow and expend. As we all know, that without obstacles we don’t experience the growth. The other beings on Earth, the ones that create the obstacles and the torment, come here from Mars and 107 different Raptilian zones and galaxies in our Universe. Marsians and Raptilians are not connected to God Source, but to their own Evil Source.

As they say, without pain there is no growth, in other words without evil we would not experience the Enlightenment. Raptelians and Marsians can not love, Raprelians think love but can only feel fear. Marsians feel anger, hate, rage, and jealousy, but never love. Without them we would not grow, but this is over now, Evil is no longer needed on Earth because we made it to 100,000 in vibration. Corona Virus is a big part of it, it is one of the plagues referred to in the Bible. Corona can not survive or be active in anyone vibrating above 200. Corona has been killing the ones who vibrate below 200.

I will get into the differences between souls from different dimensions later, but now I want to explain how we got into 5th dimension and what that means for us. On November 11, 2018, which in Numerology is a very important date, our Earth started to lift up into 5th Dimension. Everyone on Earth who vibrated above 200 started to raise up in vibration. Marsians and 90% of Raptelians could never possibly go up in vibration because they naturally can not vibrate above 200. We were supposed to be fully in 5th Dimention by December 21st, 2023. On September 30, 2020 six planets below 200 in vibration, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune, lined up against Earth in a 90 degree angle, started to send war frequencies to Earth to cause WWIII. At that time our Earth was vibrating at 21,000 hertz. Their intent was to prevent Earth from reaching 4th, and then 5th dimensions. 4th Dimension starts at 21,000 and 5th Dimension starts at 50,000. On October 1st, the Galactic Counsel of 22 galaxies with Anonakies highest in hierarchy have made the decision to lift Earth up into 5th Dimension immediately, regardless of the circumstances. Al through the month of October our Earth and all beings on Earth vibrating above 200 started rapidly flying into 5th Dimension. Many of us have experienced fatigue, pressure in the head, feeling heavy, lethargic, disoriented and dizzy. By November 1st this year our Earth and most of us made it into the vibration of 100,000, which is the vibration of Heaven. This has never happened before in our entire Universe. There were 2 other attempts before, and it always ended up in WWIII. We would blow ourselves up and destroy life on Earth, and had to start all over again. Both previous times the six planets I spoke about earlier Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune succeeded in their plans to prevent Earth from rising to 5th Dimension and started the war. This time around Anonakies and the counsel knew better and were able to prevent it from happening again.

On November 1st, 2020, everyone who was still below 200 hertz in vibration and everyone who did not make it past 11,000 in vibration were put into the vibration 0. In the Bible this was described as Judgement. At the vibration of 0 all the fear, hate, rage, anger, all negative feelings were removed from everyone in this category. What these people thought and acted upon after they were turned 100% neutral had determined their fate. The ones who thought to love themselves and others, to help themselves and others were connected to God Source and lifted up into 4th Dimension and vibration of 21,000 so they could work on themselves and get up to 100,000. Everyone who’s first thoughts were hate, fear, anger, who tried to take advantage of others, who were takers and not givers, were immediately moved into the minus vibrations, -21,000. I was pretty surprised to hear that we now have negative vibrations here on Earth, there is a negative 5th Dimension, which according to the Bible is Hell.

Many of us have been seeing changes around us, many of us are still in fear of what is happening. I want to assure everyone that everything is according to plan. Our entire Universe had been lifted up into vibration of 100,000 where evil cannot survive. In the next 10 years we will see incredible changes here on our Earth. The reason I call in OUR EARTH is because we now have two of them existing together, but slowly separating from one another. Our Earth is vibrating at 100,000, we now also have the other Earth that vibrates at -100,000. We cannot be affected by the other Earth and negative vibrations unless we choose to.

I know that many who will read this will have questions about many things. Please feel free to send me any questions to I will answer everything in my next blog which will be about the differences in souls and will explain why we are here in greater detail.