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Transitioning: Love vs Fear

Transitioning: Love vs Fear

Hello everyone, Happy New Year! And happy transitioning into our new lives! And so it begins…

Everything in this and all my blogs is channeled directly from Anahim with help from Arkangel Michael. My intent for this blog is to share the information I receive from them and share this knowledge.

First, I want to provide some additional information about COVID-19. This information was not available to me when I wrote my last blog, but since then I and several other readers of my blog have been asking more questions about physical attributes that keep high vibrating individuals from getting sick with COVID, and I got the answers. We all were born with contracts for COVID-19 including all humans, all animals, birds, fish, and also all the bugs existing on our Earth. Scientists have not figured it out yet, but COVID can be transmitted through mosquito bites and bee stings. Since all bugs are not from God Source and originated on Mars their vibration will always be -100,000 and this makes them the most perfect carrier of coronavirus.

Just as we all were born with contracts for COVID-19, we all were born with natural antibodies and resistances to this virus. Our original vibration above 200 hertz has been the catalyst to activation of those antibodies, therefore the higher we vibrate, more antibodies are being activated and produced. Ever since this pandemic started, I never once worried about getting sick from coronavirus without truly understanding why, I was taught by my guides that I never had anything to worry about. Now I actually have a physical explanation for it. Our vibration keeps getting and staying higher with increased self -love and love for others, with positive thinking, and with increased happiness. We can now say that love, happiness, joy, and positive thinking is the true cure for COVID-19.

The new vaccine to prevent COVID-19 has already gotten a bad rep, but in reality this vaccine helps humans to raise and sustain high vibrations, especially those who did not wake up yet and are still struggling in vibrations between 21,000 and 49,000B because of the metals in this vaccine. As we all know, metals hold energies and frequencies more than any other element and when these metal particles are injected into the body they help deliver and sustain the highest vibrations of Divine Unconditional Love. I have also heard from several people the concern that this vaccine will change our DNA and that it has trackers in it put in by our government. I asked Anahim and Arkangel Michael to clarify this for me. Anahim answered me that this vaccine does change the DNA of those who did not go through the transformation and did not become New Human yet. Apparently, everyone who is vibrating between 80,000 and 100,000 hertz has already become New Human through the upgrade and change in their DNA. I know I went through my transformation 2.5 years ago, and in the last 2.5 months 0.25% of all human population has already finished this transformation, therefore the ones who are still having the hard time right now and got stuck in 4th Dimension are going to greatly benefit from this vaccine. On the other hand, all the Marsians, Reptilians, and all others vibrating below -21,000 are not going to do well with the vaccine because to them the strong sustained frequencies of Divine Unconditional Love can be worse than the virus itself.

All the fear being created around this vaccine is useless and unnecessary emotion that will only lower the vibration and create energetic blockages that would prevent our true ascension. This is where we learn how to step out of the box and start our full transformation! In 2008 I went to counseling to learn coping skills. This was before my awakening and before I knew about my gift. I had a wonderful counselor who taught me the most helpful thing, he taught me that the word FEAR translates as False Evidence Appearing Real. Realizing this was an eye opener for me, it made so much sense that I stopped fearing absolutely everything. Our growth starts within, and the biggest obstacle in our growth is fear.

We as humans found ways to easily create fear in ourselves and others, fear is contagious like the virus itself! The fear and propaganda in the news, misinformation about the number of deaths from COVID-19 is the catalyst for lowering people’s vibrations, making them weaker, creating social isolation, insecurities, low self-esteem and worse of all fear. The time is here to learn how to replace this fear with 100% unconditional love. Every time I work on someone one of the biggest issues has always been fear. Most important thing to understand is that we, high vibrating beings, are not capable of feeling or experiencing fear in our true form. Every single person I have worked on, including myself, has had contracts, programs and several demonic entities, spirits, and demons that purposely create fear in us. I cannot express how much easier, happier, and pain free my life became when I removed all the fear and all its causes from me. I have done the same for many of my clients and they were able to move on and transition into the new fearless state of being as we all will soon be on our planet Earth. And now we are also getting a lot of help from the Divine with the new, strongest, God focused frequencies here on Earth called Gamma Waves.

January 1, 2021 exactly at midnight everyone vibrating above 80,000 hertz has received an upgrade in Gamma Waves. Gama is a brain wave produced in us when we think and feel from the heart and then connect to the brain and produce a conscious thought that originated in the heart. Basically, it is heart to brain connection that allows us to feel and think with love. Gamma waves are originally produced when we consciously choose love over fear, peace over hate, kindness over anger, and joy over despair.

Before January 1st, 2021 our Gamma waves were between 35 and 65 hertz per wave, and our Earth is the first planet in the entire Universe to receive the upgrade to 9,000 hertz per Gamma wave. According to Anahim all higher vibrating beings on Earth produce 180 Gamma waves per person, and everyone vibrating below -21,000 has absolutely no production of Gamma waves whatsoever. All Marsians, 90% of Reptilians, and others who chose fear, hate, and anger over love during the judgement period (see my first blog for details) never learned or chose how to love themselves, therefore they never produced any Gamma waves at all. Interesting fact is that Reptilians, no matter how low they vibrate, can still make this choice, ask God how to love themselves and others, and start producing Gamma waves which will allow them to rise up in vibration, but they can never get into the positive vibrations again.

I keep checking the vibrations of people on Earth and as of today 30% of all higher vibrating people on Earth are still going through the transformation processes in the 4th Dimension. This is going to be changing very quickly because their Gamma waves have also gotten upgraded to 900 hertz, resulting in their own transformation into a 5th Dimensional being called New Human. Next week at this time there will be only 20% still transitioning into 5th Dimension. One week after there will only be 10% and in one month, by February 1st there will be no more 4th Dimension here on Earth, all higher vibrating beings will be 100% in 5th Dimension.

This year 2021 is going to be the turning point for humanity and define our future. All evil will be exposed, all lies will come out, no one will be able to hide his or her true self from themselves or others. We all will start seeing the true changes in our lives and entire planet. I can not express the excitement I feel knowing and seeing what is about to happen to us and how lives are about to change. This is the time to look inside and truly find the Divine connections in our own hearts that can only lead to happiness, joy and unconditional love. This is the time to start seeing everything as a gift, even things we don’t like because there is a true Divine purpose behind every single action, incident, situation and even disappointment. This year we are going to start shedding our past, all the baggage, all the pain, fear and suffering and start and begin our new lives with new hopes, love and inspiration!

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