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New Beginning

This is my blog number 6 and today is Sunday, January 31, 2021. A lot of exciting and very interesting things are happening now, and many new Divine Source God energies are here on Earth now and going to continue increasing till December 21, 2025. Since evil of any kind is no longer needed these new purifying energies from God are transforming all evil into Divine Light. Many evil and demonic energies and demons themselves have been attacking all of us light-workers, causing psychic attacks, discomfort, and even illness in the body. We are basically going through an intense purification process. Never before on any Earth these vibrations and energies existed, therefore we have absolutely nothing to compare it with.

I have been asking Anahim many Questions about what is happening with our government, and how long they are planning to do the transformational work on Biden and everyone else in the government and I also wanted to know when these changes are going to be visible. They keep telling me that it will take no longer than 6 months. Biden, like everyone else is going through the Purification process and he is being schooled on how to be Godly, not to pretend to be it so he looks good to others, but how to really and truly be God’s extension, creation, and truly good in the full meaning of this word. All things are changing in such a way that we have absolutely nothing to compare this to. We are used to cause and effect and being able to judge any situation by what we know and by what has happened in our past and our past history. Not any longer, absolutely nothing we know will remain the same! Cause and effect is changing, things that used to hurt will not hurt any longer, there will be no more heart breaks, disappointments or pain. Every day this past week I was reminded to look past the illusion, even in the smallest things.

I learned what that meant in 2017 when we were about to get hit with that huge hurricane Erma. It was coming straight for us in Boca Raton. I went through an incredible transformation since then, this experience was an extremely important lesson as a part of my spiritual growth. I remember panicking, imagining the worst, thinking my business was going to suffer, all I could see this wave of water wiping out everything I worked so hard for. Connection to the Divine becomes almost impossible in the state of panic, but I couldn’t get a grip on my emotions and fears at that moment. I took a deck of Angel Oracle cards, spread them out in front of me and pulled a card. This card said: “look past the illusion,” I didn’t comprehend what that meant and spread the card again. My next card I pulled was the exact same card that said “Look Past the Illusion.” I was a bit concerned but didn’t understand the full meaning yet. So I repeated this process and pulled the same card for the third time! “LOOK PAST THE ILLUSION” it said and I finally got it. My perception of the hurricane was the illusion, my thoughts were not real, and my imagination ran away with the fear. I was immediately able to calm down and this clarity brought me to a brand new higher level of understanding the power of my perception. Our minds are very powerful, but everything we perceive we judge by experiences lived by us, taught to us and what we heard from watching TV, Internet, or reading books. Now, what my guides are telling me is that we need to forget all that. Just like my business was fine, and in actuality I tripled my income after that hurricane, everything else we worry about including our government, politics, riots, world hunger is just an illusion our brain creates because we were programmed like that. Of course there is hunger and other things we may not like but thinking and worrying about them will do absolutely no good, and instead it will lower our vibration and send us in the wrong direction. WE have the inner power to choose our thoughts, so this is the time to really start working on that, positive thoughts will bring positive outlook and perception and that will help the Divine Source to create a more positive Earth.

Best thing we can do to help ourselves and others is to look past the illusion, think positive, and contribute to this process of purification on Earth. When people watch the news on TV, or YouTube videos filled with information that only creates unnecessary illusion (which I haven’t done in 6 years now) energy of fear, disaster, and disabling vibrations that come with that are infecting our system and energy field with fear, like a virus. Then these people go and repeat this information to others and end up spreading this fear virus around. It breeds and takes people over, vibrations start dropping and those infected slip into the state of illusion, useless and self-destructive state of being. We have to be mindful not to spread this fear virus and even more mindful not to get infected by it, because nothing really as it seems right now, there is an army of Angels and Archangels, Orions, and many other beings of light who are working very hard right now to make our Earth pure, free of all evil and all fear, all disease and all death! We can truly be in the body as pure and perfect as we are in our original state. This change is coming for us, and we have to do our best to have the FAITH and the LOVE, to spread them instead of fear, to stay strong and positive and never look back on what it was.

The information in this blog, as all my previous blogs was, channeled from Anohim and Archangel Michael. With all the questions please write to