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Perception And Its Power

Perception And Its Power

Hello everyone, today is Sunday, February 7, 2021. This is going to be very interesting, because I have been wanting to write about this topic before, but my guides wanted me to address other subjects. This morning they gave me a full go ahead on it. Everything I write in these blogs is channeled from Anohim and Archangel Michael. The reason I wanted to write about perception is because I fully understand the importance of keeping the perception of whatever it is positive, even if we were taught that something was wrong we have to find the way not to judge the situation and allow ourselves to find the way to look at it from a positive point of view.

Our perception is everything, we create what we perceive, our own lives and our reality are based on our perception of it, therefore if we create our reality we need to adjust our perception and expectations according to what we want in our lives. For example, we are all taught from the moment we are born, that we are going to age, grow old, get sick and die. This belief creates expectation and perception according to what we were taught to believe, and in return our perception and expectation manifest our reality. I have discovered that no matter how old we are if we adjust or change our perception and expectation, we can change our reality by believing the opposite. After training my brain to think, perceive, and expect aging backwards, getting healthier, having a fountain of youth inside myself I started noticing that my skin, energy levels, stamina, and overall appearance started looking younger.

There is a point to all this. We are right now living in the time of incredible change. In my last blog I wrote that our entire Earth is going through a purification process. Just yesterday that new purification energy increased its strength by 50%. I had several people call me asking about why they felt tired and couldn’t get motivated to do anything. I personally felt really great yesterday because I have already shifted my perceptions of my reality 3 years ago. Now this is happening to everyone because evil is no longer needed, therefore negative perceptions of reality are no longer needed either. What that means is that if we all learn how not to perceive our reality through the lenses of our past experiences and history, we will help create New Earth much faster. I wrote about my favorite experience of learning to look past the illusion, well everything we perceive based on our history and past experiences now is only an illusion we are creating to expect the same outcome as before. This is no longer the case. Average human only sees 4% of what is really happening around him or her, 96% is unseen. Humans were designed in that way, so we do not get confused and side-tracked from our original path. We would find it absolutely impossible to keep our focus and have any kind of normality if we saw everything. Imagine how much is actually happening right now that we are not aware off! And everything that is happening is only here to create the peace and love on Earth without any Evil at all. This is where our perception really comes in handy. We can really help this Energetic Revolution on Earth if we keep our perception and a knowing that we are all moving in the right direction.

Let’s say there is a news Story that tells about a horrible possible new outbreak. If we all have a perception and expectation that it is only an illusion, the last attempt of Evil to side tract us, throw a curveball into our path, than we can expect and perceive it from a positive point of view like: let’s not burden ourselves with a perception that something horrible is coming, let’s see it for what it really is. One news story, or one incident can have 10 different perceptions from 10 different people, 10 different energies would be created and possibly 10 different ways to fear something else. Or we can all decide to choose our perception and not allow the last of evil to try to work its way into our hearts and our heads. Remember: our perception is POWERFUL, our perception manifests the future and reality we live in. We need to be strong in our own understanding of who we are and what we are. We are POWERFUL! We are strong! WE are all now parts of the Divine Source God, and the only thing that separates us from it is our own perception. Perceive yourselves as Divine, Perfect, Unconditional Love, Peace, Joy , and Huge Powerful Prosperity.

This morning I was getting a very strong message to convey to people that we can use our own perception as a tool to create the future we want. Realizing that our perception works like a magic wand in manifesting our future is the key to creating it. All our desires for peace on Earth without struggling, all our desires for our own personal wellness and happiness will come true if we only perceive ourselves as such. All the energies to create peace, happiness, joy, and abundance for all of us here on Earth are already here, so let’s help it happen faster with our perceptions. Evil is no longer needed, it is being removed from Earth as we speak, nothing now as it has ever been. What this means for us is the complete change to cause and effect, nothing can be judged through our experiences or history as we are used to doing. Perceiving the positive, happy and peaceful outcomes to all situations weather it is in our personal lives or politics will determine the new outcome. We have already entered the New Earth without any limitations to create happiness, perceiving ourselves as completely Limitless, Powerful, and Divine beings, which is exactly who we are, will manifest itself faster now than ever before. We have nothing to worry about, nothing to be scared of if we only see it this way. So let’s give it a shot and do this together to create the world and lives we want to live in, because it is already here!

Everything in this blog has been channeled directly from Anohim with guidance from Archangel Michael. Please contact me at with any questions or comments.