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New Life

Welcome to the 9th Dimension

Today is Sunday, November 21, 2021. I have been waiting to write this blog until I have all the information. The information comes to me from Anohim and Archangel Michael whom I stay connected to all the time. About 3 years ago I started getting messages that were very clear and when I asked anything I would always get an answer. This is when I realized that I was connected to infinite consciousness through Archangel Michael. Shortly after that if I tried watching news, spiritual programs on Gaia TV, or anything else that could affect or alter my perception my TV, or phone would shut down and go blank. No matter how hard I would try to turn it back on it wouldn’t work unless I chose something different to watch. This was when I started understanding that I was guided to only listen to the guidance and information that I was receiving from Anohim and Archangel Michael.

Much took place in the last 5-6 weeks, but I was not getting all the details ahead of time, it was almost on need to know basis, than I realized that even Anohim and al the God/Source consciousness did not know what would happen next because nothing like it has ever occurred since beginning of times! It started on a Wednesday, October 13th, 2021, I received texts from 3 different people with pictures of green orbs lifting up into the sky, they wanted to know what that was. I immediately was given an answer that these green orbs were the souls of those who failed to love and instead chose hate, fear, and evil.

In my blog from last January I described and posted a picture of a green orb over the ocean, which was a soul being returned to someone who gave it up for the Greater Good to create the contrast that was needed for expansion of Gog’s energy itself. Since receiving their souls back last January all Martians, Reptilians, and others who chose Evil were given 9 months to connect with God, change hate to love, and become givers instead of being the takers. On October 13 those who stayed evil and hurt themselves or others lost their souls and permanently lost all connection with God and the Divine. Next day on October 14th all of us who kept our souls had the Gamma Waves raised up from 9,000 hertz to 18,000 hertz (in my previous blog in January I described how our Gamma Waves were raised up to 9,000 hertz from 36 hertz). Many of us initially experienced an emotional rollercoaster, all past lives anger and fear, all negative and trapped emotions got implified and started coming out of us. Every Thursday since then our Gamma Waves got raised higher and higher to prepare us for what happened on November 11, 2021.

November 11, 2021 is a momentous and the most special day since the beginning of times, since we broke off from the God/Source, since we started this journey to Enlightenment, journey of contrast and expansion. On this day 11/11/2021 those of us who kept our souls, who chose Good over Evil, who chose Love over Hate and being a victim, got merged with the one God/Source energy, our souls became one with God without any separation at all, and our Gamma Waves got raised up to 999,999,999.999……hertz. New dimensions were created to facilitate the separation between Good and Evil so we cannot be hurt or effected by curses, demons, entities, and all ill intent; most healing, joiful, loving, and peaceful energies started to work their way into our consciousness, mind, and body. All of us who merged with God/Source energy got moved into the new +210th Dimension, and those who lost their souls got moved far away into the -210th Dimension that was created specifically for that purpose of dimensional separation.

On November 18, 2021, last Thursday our physical bodies were shifted into +210th Dimension. In the Biblical sense this would be called Heaven and Hell. Even Anonakies, God’s consciousness and Akashic Records had no knowledge or information about this event. We made it into the Promise Land, Nirvana, Haven. I know it doesn’t feel this way yet and we have to go and grow again through a new process of purging everything that doesn;t belong in this new +210th Dimension. Our bodies have to become completely alkaline, our DNA, cells, and molecules are changing to their new version, the 5th element (element of God’s creation) is activating our stem cells and we are starting to age backwards to our prime. We entered the Dimension where diseases, pain, sorrow, greaf, hate, fear, violence and suffering cannot exist. We all chose to be here on Earth to experience this transformation first hand, many of us are here to help others through this, to move forward, and to see this all the way through.

We all know what the Law of Attraction is, and here now is a perfect time to see it in action. All of us who have the high Gamma Waves can and will be able to experience love in its purest and highest form, we can only attract one and another who feels the same and has the same levels of Gamma Waves. On the other hand, those who were moved into the -210th Dimension can only feel hate, anger, fear, rage and will attract the same, which will cause violence amongst themselves, but very far away from us. Imagine having a dimensional separation totaling 420 dimensions between us! I was told by my guides that by December 21st, 2025, 4 years from now there will be no evil left on Earth. Originally, I was told this about a year ago and I couldn’t imagine how it would happen. Now I can clearly see what is happening and what needs to happen to get there. We have to remember that those who are in -210 Dimension made their choice, they were given a second chance, everything was forgiven last January when they received their souls. They had a chance to love, to do good, to stay connected to God, but they chose differently. Also, those who were born with souls, and I personally know several of them, who got rapped up in evil deeds, with evil intent lost their souls for good and now they are to stay in -210 Dimension; this is where the free will comes in, we all have and had a choice between Good and Evil.

For us now is the time to nurture ourselves, imagine being a newborn, we are now leaving our old selves behind and our new pure and perfect form is being structured by this new energy of being merged with God. I can’t wait to see and experience this change, I will keep writing about it as it comes, and I am grateful for being here now, for witnessing this change in me, my loved ones, and on Earth, and for the amazing healing abilities that were a gift to me from God to help myself and others in this journey.

All information in this blog was channeled from Anohim and guided by Archangel Michael. With any questions or requests please write to