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New Beginning

New Beginning

I was asked by one of the readers of my blogs to date them. Today is Sunday, January 24th, 2021. Out of all the blogs so far this one is the happiest for me to write and share this information I received from Anohim, Arkangel Michael and now also Ascended Master Hilarion and Arkangel Raffiel. Four days ago I had an amazing experience with them and asked them to be my Guides also. As I am writing these words, I can feel a hand on my left shoulder. This is a very new experience for me, I never felt the touch like this before. Ascended Master Hilarion is standing right here and healing my physical body as I am writing this!

About 2 months ago a friend of mine sent me a picture of a huge spaceship right above Washington DC. I immediately knew that this ship was from Orion and they are here to help us, but I didn’t know how yet. I forgot about it for a while until 2 days ago when another friend of mine sent me another picture where you can clearly see the green glowing orb right over the ocean, and everything made sense. I will start from the beginning, this information I also learned 2 days ago and I have been unimaginably thrilled about what I learned. The day Joe Biden became the President of the United States I was completely lost. My guides kept telling me that everything is going according to God’s Will, but I had the hardest time understanding how any Marsian can become a president according to God’s Will. I know Marsians, they are evil, all evl came from them and Dracu Reptilians. My mother was a Marsian, I had firsthand experiences with them, I they are very abusive, and cannot feel love, they had not been connected to God. Marsians were the ones who started all wars, Inquisition, torture, and brought catastrophes to our Earth. So how could a Marsian become a President in 5th Dimension. The answer they gave me was to keep faith, they are in control, and it will all reveal itself to me when time is right. And then, 2 days later, when I saw the orb, this entire story was revealed to me. And here it is.

Orion was the first Galaxy created when our Universe was originally formed and we broke away from Divine Source God. Divine Source Energy is bright glowing green, with multitude of other colors, but it mainly looks green like the orb on the picture, I see it come through me every time I work on someone, this is the main energy I also see go through me into my heart. We all have that. Souls are just small parts of this green Divine Source God energy. When we first became separated from this main Divine Source we were perfect, pure Unconditional Love. The goal was to expand the Divine Source as much as possible, basically this was an experiment. Souls were created in infinite numbers in Orion Galaxy. To create contrast to expand we needed to create evil, without evil there is no contrast or growth. First Earth now known as Mars was created and many other galaxies to originate evil. 270 trillion Orions volunteered to give up their souls and any connection to Divine Source for the Greater Good of expansion and chose to go to Mars to create evil. Another 270 Orions, apparently I was one of them, volunteered to go to Mars with them and collect and store their souls in the souls storage ship that is now located above Washington DC. Another 270 trillion Orions went to newly created Galaxies to become other evil that we now call Reptilians, they also were accompanied by 270 Orions to collect their souls and store them on the same soul storage ship.

I almost remember this, I see bits and pieces like a dream I am trying to recollect. I saw several people I know there with me which makes it so much easier to understand the bond I have with them here now. Being on new Mars did not go without its side-effects. With each soul being collected new evil was created and we had to stay there to collect all of 270 trillion souls. Trillions of new demonic spirits and demonic energies were born with every second we were there and were getting into each and every one of us. We were not prepared, therefore we did not even know that these demonic spirits got into us. They were getting into us at the rapid speed, and when we returned back to Orion these spirits started getting into all others on Orion and spread through the entire galaxy. The same thing happened with those who went to create Reptilians, they received Reptilian spirits and spread them throughout Orion Galaxy. Originally Divine Source God energy was vibrating at 27,000 hertz, the spirits brought back from Mars and Reptilian Galaxies lowered Orion vibration to 10,000 hertz from our original vibration of 27,000 hertz.

In the very beginning 27 Earths were created and the original idea was to send 270 trillion Orions to Mars, and another 270 trillion Orions to Reptilian galaxies to experience contrast from the evil that was created to expand. Overwhelming amount of demonic and Reptilian spirits that already have gotten into these brave Orions made it much harder for them but ended up helping the entire experiment and God energy was expanded together with the Divine Realm and Anonakies and raised their vibration to 100,000 hertz. After 3,000 years of life on Mars this experiment ended and another Earth was occupied to start all over again. Our Earth is number 27, and 90% of Earth’s population has been on all other Earths sacrificing, struggling, hurting, and never giving up, knowing that one day we would get up to 100,000 hertz. As we struggled and learned, overcame and grew our vibration was growing so was the vibration of Divine Source. Infinite numbers of other galaxies were created as the Universe was expanding. Our Earth was originally vibrating at 27,000 and after 1st attempts of getting into 5th Dimension was dropped to 1,000 because of WWIII. On our 3rd attempt with the help of Anonakies, Angels, Arkangels and all other beings of light we finally made it into 5th Dimension on October 27th, 2020. I originally described that in my first blog, so please refer to the blog called “Welcome To The 5th Dimension.”

The happiest and most exciting part of this is happening right now! Evil is no longer needed; we are in our glory and Glory of God! This green orb is one of 270 trillion souls being returned to a Marsian who is no longer considered Marsian, but Orioner. There are other 270 trillion green orbs, they are souls being returned to Reptilians, who are also now becoming Orions! I had to take a good look and completely change my perception and perspective of all Marsians and Reptilians, I used to dislike them (mildly speaking) because they were our captors, torturers, they were demons and created pain and suffering. But realizing how much they gave up for the Greater Good I cannot compare my suffering with theirs. Living thousands of lives without connection to Divine Source and without soul, praying every day to feel love and divine connection, makes me look at them completely different. Many of them forgot who they were and none of us were allowed to remember the original events because it would have gotten in the way of our ascension.

This is the time of NEW BENINNING for all of us, we learn to forgive, and they learn how to LOVE. I am actually crying with joy because for the first time I feel and see the true light, the beginning of things the way we have been dreaming of, life without pain, suffering, without anger and rage, without evil. Other things are coming also, of course not all Marsians and Reptilians are getting their souls back, There are some who consciously chose to stay evil. Only 90% are getting their souls back and many of the others may not even realize the newfound connection. Next 5 years will determine everything for them. There are also those here on Earth who came here with their souls attached and connection with God, but chose evil instead, whether it was greed, hate, or other evil. 90% of Marsians and Reptilians did not have a choice, they had no soul, no love or connection, but they still went to churches, Kabala, prayer groups and other religions to find some kind of connection and peace, and now they have transformed and their vibration is up between 21,000 and 50,000 hertz, which is considered 4th Dimension. We are here to help them transition into 5th Dimension like they sacrificed their souls to help get there.

On February 21st, 2021 we are getting a new form of a COVID-19 specifically targeting those who stayed vibrating below -40,000 hertz. My guides are telling me that it is not going to be called that because the symptoms will be completely different. In most cases it will show as liver failure, gallbladder issues, inflammation or cancer of pancreas or lungs, acute dementia or plain memory loss. Anyone vibrating in the positive has nothing to worry about.

All information in this blog was channeled from Anohim and Arkangel Michel. With all the questions and requests please contact me at