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How Things Are Changing On Earth

How Things Are Changing On Earth

Hello Everyone, welcome to my third blog. I was going to write about the COVID-19, but I am being redirected to write about the changes that are happening on our Earth. Last week, on Monday, December 21st, our Earth had received new Christ frequencies. Everyone felt it, this was the deep DNA clearing and recovery. Everything we inherited from our ancestry, our parents, everyone in our genetic makeup who was Marsian or Reptilian was permanently and completely removed from our DNA.

I felt very uncomfortable the entire week, my mother was Marsian and the amount of her DNA in me was almost unbelievable! I know how difficult this transition was for me, but I want to assure everyone that this is the time of shedding everything that does not belong in the 5th Dimension and finally the beginning of new growth and light.

Everything I write in this blog is channeled directly from Anahim, who has been in charge of our Earth since the beginning, and he is very important to our progression into 5th Dimension together with Maaha, who is one and true mother of humanity. Maaha and Anahim are both Anonakies and they wanted to be introduced to all my readers and followers. Anytime anyone who wants their help and to communicate or to be connected with Anahim repeat his name 21 times and this will create the vortex of energy that will facilitate the direct connection with him.

Today, Sunday, December 27th I have been getting very strong messages from Anahim to deliver the knowledge to everyone that Earth is changing beyond anything that has ever happened in the entire Universe before. On January 1st, 2021 our Earth is going to receive frequencies that had never existed before anywhere in the entire Universe. All of us who vibrate above 80,000 hertz will be given strength and abilities to manifest what we want without resistance. This change is very important in our personal relationship to ourselves and others, and also our personal growth and achievements. We can finally create our dreams without resistance and obstacles.

Everyone vibrating between 21,000 and 80,000 will have new opportunities and faith to grow stronger to get above 80,000 and to be able to create new lives. Life in 5th Dimension is going to be what we have all been dreaming about, imagining, and hoping. We will see for ourselves the greatness unfolding in front of us the same way I have witnessed it in the last few years of my own ascension.

Those of you who read my first blog already know about the 5th Dimension and -5th Dimension. 5th Dimension on our Earth is vibrating at 100,000 hertz, which has always been the vibration of Heaven. The opposite, which is -5th Dimension is now also existing here on our Earth and vibrates at -100,000 hertz. Our Earth is now splitting up dimensionally because both of these dimensions cannot co-exist together, and this has created the second Earth within our Earth. This second Earth is the one that exists now in -5th Dimension. Many of you have already noticed that old friends, acquaintances, business partners and even neighbors you didn’t like so much, all of a sudden stopped showing up, disappeared, or had circumstances that prevented them from being in your lives. Old habits and desires are not there any longer, foods do not taste the same, your favorite venues and restaurants are not open or even around any longer. None of these are accidental, we all have been changing, now is the time to let go of the past, everything we knew, everything we thought was important, because there is this new life ahead, new happiness never experienced before! This life in 5th dimension does not include pain, disappointments, illnesses, suffering, longlines, depression, sadness, and also it does not include aging. This is our time! This is time to embrace our gifts, our Divinity, go forward!

The week before I wrote my last blog, I found out something life changing. All Alpha Centaurians here on our Earth have never had any resistances to achieving and getting everything they wanted. I used to think that it was only because Alpha Centauri vibrated at 20,000 before this movement into 5th Dimension, but I was wrong. I started asking questions because I always was taught by my Orion guides that the more I wanted something, more resistance I would create, so I trained myself to not want something I really wanted and convinced myself that it was not as important to me, just so I do not create resistances. But when this question came up about Alpha Centaurians the entire understanding of manifesting and resistances did not make sense any longer. I asked Anahim and I got a pretty disturbing answer, that we never created our own resistances, they were created for us. All our resistances to achieve what we really desire have been given to us by our Orion, Pleiadean, and Lyrian guides to make us struggle more because of the old limiting beliefs and convictions that the more we struggle, the more our energies expand the galaxies we are originally from. Anahim also explained that because we all agreed to it using our free will, it is something we have the power to change because we all have the Divine Power. Now that our entire Universe is in the 5th Dimension, none of these old beliefs are needed or making sense. I asked Anahim to please make sure that all our resistances were removed so we can freely desire and receive health, happiness, love, relationships and everything else we want without running into the resistances. This is a part of our new life in 5th Dimension, and I was assured that no resistances could ever interfere with our desires as long as they are in alignment with our Higher Good.

We are now living in a very wonderful, new, but challenging time. Corona virus is being perceived as a dangerous virus, which it is, but only for those who vibrate below -21,000 now. Corona has not been created by any Government, or country, or bats (as I have heard implied) or Chinese. This virus is exactly what has been described in the Bible as the plague in the Revelations. The first wave of Corona was only affecting those who vibrated below 200 hertz. I originally wrote in my first blog explaining the vibrations and when Corona first started it could not exist in anyone vibrating above 200. All people, animals, birds, and fish were born with contracts for Corona. Only the ones vibrating above 200 never experienced it or were seriously affected by it. The media and Democratic party was and still is creating fear by inflating the numbers of cases and counting false positives and other illnesses as Corona deaths. Fear itself is enough to lower people’s vibration. Living in fear, which vibrates as low as 30 and no higher than 130 hertz was and is the biggest contributor to new Corona cases and deaths. As I wrote in my firs blog, this past October and November we went through the vibrational changes and everyone who vibrated above 200 went up in vibration up to 100,00, and everyone who did not make it up past 11,000 hertz was lowered down to 0, followed by negative vibrations and now vibrating between -21,000 and -100,000. As these vibrations were changed our Earth got the second wave of Coronavirus, and now it is only affecting those vibrating below -40,000. Corona virus cannot possibly hurt anyone vibrating above 21,000 which is now considered to be the lowest vibration in high vibrating people.

Unconditional love for yourself and then others is the key to unconditional health living in 5th Dimension. People realizing that self love is the key to happy and healthy life are discovering new levels of happiness and spiritual growth. We all are transitioning and waking up to the new possibilities in our new lives we are creating in 5th Dimension. I strongly urge all my readers to keep asking God Source this question: “How do I love myself 100%?” Asking this one question will deliver everything we need to know, grow and be happy.

Everything I wrote in this blog was 100% channeled from Anahim and written with guidance from Archangel Michael. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at