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Good vs Evil

Good VS Evil

Our Earth right now is going through incredible changes. We all chose to be here to experience these changes and to contribute to the Enlightenment itself of our entire Universe. Our intentions, thoughts and words are the true contribution to this process because we are creating energies that are needed to support the Greater Good in our Universe. As we all already know that just because we cannot see something doesn’t mean it is not there. This message today came loud and clear to let everyone know how important it is to stay positive, especially now.

We are going through the time of great change where GOOD is winning! Some may not see this, and would say: “How can this be? Look what is going on with our politics!” For all evil, corruption, deceit, and betrayal to be removed from our lives, politics and social systems they all have to be exposed first and dealt with and like with everything else the first step is awareness. Anahim wants me to address a specific issue that we in human form all possess but have to learn to deal with. In my last blog I was writing about faith, and now is the perfect time to teach ourselves how to practice it. We watch TV and listen to the news that constantly create fear, frustration and disappointment in politics, amount of crime and everything negative that could be found. We have to look at everything with different eyes, basically, look past the illusion. All negative feelings and emotions that we perceive and feed into is the exact effect that all Evil wants. I personally stopped watching live TV 6 years ago, I was told that for me to get where I needed to be, I absolutely was not allowed to listen or watch any negativity. My guides were absolutely right, because after my thinking was not affected by the negativity of the news, I was able to completely change my thoughts and feelings from what they were to love, hope, beauty, joy and more love.

The perceptions of the world around us are contagious, one opinion or fear will travel from TV screens and infect millions of people who repeat what they heard and infect even more people around them. We have a choice not to get infected and not to see things the way they are presented. These bad horrible things we hear about especially in politics right now do not need to be taken as a negative. We have a choice, that choice is FAITH, faith that everything is in God’s Will, faith that whatever we are being shown and told may or may not be true, nut it is 100% in God’s Will. We may not understand it, or see it, or be able to logically justify it, but we definitely do know that we have that choice to turn all negative to all positive, and only with our faith!

This energy that we create with our thoughts, emotions and words we say are extremely important to the outcome of this amazing change on Earth. Anahim and Arkangel Michael are asking me to explain that there is a war going on right now between Good and Evil. Each and every soul here on our Earth is involved in it. We have to learn the importance of positive thinking for the outcome of this war. When we first start our day, our thoughts can automatically run away and start focusing on problems, fears, negative events and relationships. Our JOB is to consciously watch our thoughts, remember, all fears and events that can make us feel less then positive are only an illusion and FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Our JOB is to consciously change our thoughts into positive thought by reminding ourselves that Greater Good is winning and everything is God’s Will. Our JOB is to feel LOVE for ourselves and others, and focus on GRATITUDE for what we already have. Fear and negativity cannot survive on the same frequencies as love, hope, gratitude, joy, and peace. Good always prevails and we are fully involved in changing our Earth into what it truly can be, the place of Unconditional Love without pain, fear, illness or death. WE all are a part of this amazing transformation!

Everything in my blog is channeled from Anahim and Arkangel Michael, who are always present with me. Please write to with all questions and comments.