Advanced Rapid Healing
city skyline with mountains in the back during sunrise



I didn’t think there would be a blog today because I sat for an hour waiting for information to come. Usually when I sit on Sunday morning at my computer it comes like flow, I never need to take a break or even reread what I wrote. So when I started asking why that is I was told that something momentous is going to happen! I asked for advice about what to write. The only thing I received was to write what I know to encourage everyone that God’s Will is prevailing even if reality seems glim.

About the election: DO NOT DESPAIR! Everything is going according to plan. I actually had to learn a new way of following the Greater Good. Our Greater Good has been in our faith! The true mark of Devil is fear, doubt, and despair. FAITH is the truth. This is the time now to keep the FAITH and know that God’s Will is the only outcome possible. Think about all the evil being exposed! Think about all the government officials, Vatican officials, and other representatives of oppression, control, and Evil that can be seen now. They cannot hide any longer!

I am almost disappointed that I cannot write much more today. The main thing for each and every one of us is to remember and hold on to our FAITH, never give up! We now, vibrating as high as we do, are helping create New Earth, New World, New Life!

I will be writing a full blog next Sunday. Anahim and all my Divine Guides have assured me that come next Sunday we all will have new reborn hope and perspectives.

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